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Winners of the Sky Lakes Competition - with a total prize fund of £20.000!!!

Martin Page – 1st place
Winner of £10.000

Matt Lee – 2nd place
Winner of £5.000

Kelly Edwards – 3rd place
Winner of £2.500

Alan Boon – 4th place
Winner of £1.000

Sky Lakes Competition

Berners Hall AYS Social

The winners of the april draw

The winners of the march draw

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Carp Show Montlucon, France

Essex Carp Show

iCarp Charity Winners - Gigantica

Winners Carp-A-Thon - Sky Lake

Some of the recipients in 2022

Winners of 20x£500 runner-up prize

Bethan Stearman, Nathan Lewis, Lewis Brennan, Terry Rees, Gavin Grant, Paul Wilkins, Andrea Rogers, Ben Marsh, Harvey Ross, Michael Hewitt, Dave Millers, James Warren, Nathan

Winners of 20x£50 to spend at TFT

Chris James, Andrew Baggott, Shaun Page, Jason Goodwin, Alan Hoffman, Kyle Johnson, Kaylom Ware, Anthony Mundell, Terrence Block, Andrew Baggott, Martin Myer, Marc Gallagher, Luke

Carp Fishing - many more lucky instant winners in 2022

Golf - lucky winners in 2023

Golf - many more lucky instant winners in 2022